The Zamorian



Race: Zamorian
Class: Thief 5
Hit Points: 39
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Height: 5’ 6"
Weight: 153 lbs
Eye: Green
Hair: Black
Fate Points: 3
Code of Honor: Honor Among Thieves


Strength (STR) 10 (+0) Dexterity (DEX) 19 (+4) Constitution (CON) 12 (+1)
Intelligence (INT) 14 (+2) Wisdom (WIS) 12 (+1) Charisma (CHA) 12 (+1)

Saving Throws

Fortitude (CON) Total Save: +2 Base Save: +1 Abil. Mod. +1
Reflex (DEX) Total Save: +8 Base Save: +4 Abil. Mod. +4
Willpower (WIS) Total Save: +2/+5 Base Save: +1 Abil. Mod. +1 Morale: +3


Total: +8 Reflex Save: +8 Misc. Mod: +0

Defenses and Armor Class

Parry Value: 12 Base: 10 Parry: +2 Ability Mod. (STR) +0 Misc: +0
Dodge Value (Armored): 17 Base: 10 Dodge: +2 Ability Mod. (DEX): +4 Misc: +1
Dodge Value (Unarmored): 18 Base: 10 Dodge: +2 Ability Mod. (DEX): +4 Misc: +2
Quilted Armor DR: 3 Max DEX Bonus: +7 Check Penalty: 0 Spell Fail: 30% Speed: 30’


Total Melee Bonus: +3 BAB: +3 Ability Mod. (STR): +0
Total Finesse Bonus: +7 BAB: +3 Ability Mod. (DEX): +4
WEAPON To Hit Damage Critical AP Hard HP Type
Arming Sword F +7 1d10 19-20/x2 2 10 4 S/P
Akbitanan Dagger F +8 1d4 19-20/x2 3 15 2 P
Sap F +7 1d8 (Subdual) x2 1 5 2 B

Sneak Attacks

WEAPON To Hit Damage Critical AP Hard HP Type
Arming Sword F +8 1d10 +3d8 +1d8 19-20/x2 2 10 4 S/P
Akbitanan Dagger F +9 1d4 +3d8 +1d8 19-20/x2 3 15 2 P
Sap F +7 1d8 +3d6 (Subdual) +1d6 x2 1 5 2 B
Only While Unarmored


WEAPON To Hit Damage Critical AP Range Hard HP Type
Akbitanan Dagger +8 1d4 19-20/x2 3 10’ 15 2 P


Skin of wine


Listen: +1 Search: +10 Spot: +1

Trained Skills

Skill Points per Level: 8 + 2 (INT)
Class Skill Maximum Ranks: 7

Skill Total Ability Abi Mod Ranks Misc Synergy Cross Class
Appraise +2 INT +2
Balance +9 DEX +4 +3 +2
Bluff +6 CHA +1 +5
Climb +7 / +8 STR +0 +7
Concentration +1 CON +1
Craft: Alchemy +3 INT +2 +1
Craft: Herbalism +3 INT +2 +1
Craft: Any +3 INT +2 +1
Decipher Script +4 INT +2 +2
Diplomacy +4 CHA +1 +1 +2
Disable Device +11 INT +2 +7 +2
Disguise +4 CHA +1 +1 +2
Escape Artist +9 DEX +4 +5
Forgery +2 INT +2
Gather Information +7 CHA +1 +6
Handle Animal NA CHA +1
Heal +1 WIS +1
Hide +12 / +13 / +14 DEX +4 +8
Intimidate +3 CHA +1 +2
Jump +19 STR +0 +5 +12 +2
Knowledge (arcana) NA INT +2
Knowledge (geography) NA INT +2
Knowledge (history) NA INT +2
Knowledge (local) +4 INT +2 +2
Knowledge (nobility) NA INT +2
Knowledge (religion) NA INT +2
Knowledge (architecture & engineering) +5 INT +2 +3
Knowledge (rumors) +6 INT +2 +4
Listen +1 / +2 WIS +1
Move Silently +12 / +13 / +14 DEX +4 +8
Open Lock +11 DEX +4 +5 +2
Perform: Any +1 CHA +1
Profession: NA WIS +1
Ride +4 DEX +4
Search +10 / +12 INT +2 +8 +2*
Sense Motive +1 WIS +1
Sleight of Hand +10 DEX +4 +2 +2 +2
Spot +1 / +2 WIS +1
Survival +1 WIS +1 +2
Swim +0 STR +0
Tumble +14 DEX +4 +8 +2
Use Rope +4 DEX +4 +2
Armor Check Penalty Applies Trained Use Only

Modifited Skills
+1 circumstance bonus to Climb, Hide, Listen, Move Silently and Spot checks in urban and underground conditions.

+1 to Hide and move Silently while Unarmored

+2 to Search checks for secret doors and compartments


  • Aquilonian
  • Brythunian
  • Corinthian
  • Hyrkanian
  • Kothic
  • Nemedian
  • Shemite
  • Zamorian


Fleet-Footed (x3)
You are fast on your feet.
Benefit: You gain an enhancement bonus of +10 feet to your speed when wearing light or no armor (and not carrying a heavy load) or an enhancement bonus of +5 feet to your speed when wearing medium or heavy armor.
Special: You can select this feat more than once, up to a maximum of three times. Its benefits stack.

You are very nimble on your feet, ducking and weaving in and out of combat to avoid your enemies’ attacks.
Prerequisites: Dex 13, base dodge bonus +1.
Benefit: You gain a +1 dodge bonus to your Dodge Defense.

Class Abilities

Sneak Attack
Any time at which the thief’s target is unable to dodge or parry, or when the thief flanks the target, the thief’s attack deals extra damage if it damages the target. The extra damage is +1d6 / +1d8 at 1st level and an additional +1d6 / +1d8 every two levels thereafter. The number before the slash indicates the extra damage dealt by most weaponry; the number after the slash indicates the extra damage dealt by any weapon that is one of the thief’s sneak attack styles. (Use either the first figure or the second according to whether the thief is using a weapon that is one of his styles or not. Do not add the d6 and the d8 damage.) Should the thief score a critical hit with a sneak attack, this extra damage is not multiplied. The extra sneak attack damage is only dealt if the thief either bypasses the foe’s armor or pierces the armor without the benefit of the extra damage.

Ranged attacks only count as sneak attacks if the target is within 30 feet. The thief cannot strike with deadly accuracy from beyond that range.

With a sap or an unarmed strike, the thief can make a sneak attack that deals subdual damage instead of normal damage. The thief cannot use a weapon that deals normal damage to deal subdual damage in a sneak attack, even with the usual –4 penalty to attack rolls.

A thief can only sneak attack a living creature with a discernible anatomy. Any creature that is immune to critical hits is also not vulnerable to sneak attacks. The thief must be able to see the target well enough to pick out a vital spot that he can reach. The thief cannot sneak attack while striking a creature with concealment or the limbs of a creature whose vitals are beyond reach.

Sneak Attack Style
At 1st level, the thief chooses a sneak attack style. This can be any one weapon with which he is proficient, including unarmed strikes and missile weapons. Whenever he makes a sneak attack (see below) using his chosen weapon, he inflicts greater damage and gains a +1 circumstance bonus on his attack roll. At 4th level and every four levels thereafter, the thief gains an additional sneak attack style. Note that if the thief has sneak attack as a class feature from another class, the increased damage only applies to the damage from the sneak attack class feature acquired by taking thief levels. For example, a 4th level thief/5th level pirate whose sneak attack style is poniard deals 1d6 +2d8 +1d6 damage when he sneak attacks with a poniard; +1d6 for the poinard’s base damage, +2d8 for the sneak attack damage from the thief levels (poniard style) and +1d6 for the sneak attack damage from the pirate levels.
Sneak Attack Styles: Dagger, Arming Sword

Trap Disarming: Thieves (and only thieves) can use the Search skill to locate traps when the task has a Difficulty Class higher than 20.
A thief who beats the DC of a trap by 10 or more with his Disable Device check can, if he chooses, bypass it rather than disarm it. He may lead his allies past it at their normal speed without risk.

Eyes of the Cat
You see more clearly in the dark than many men can in full daylight.
Prerequisites: Spot 1 rank, may only be taken at 1st level.
Benefit: You gain low-light vision. That is, you can see twice as far as ordinary humans by starlight, moonlight, torchlight or other conditions of poor illumination. You can even distinguish color and detail under these low-light conditions.

Trap Sense: The thief gains a +1 bonus to Reflex saving throws made to avoid traps and a +1 dodge bonus to Dodge Defense against attacks by traps.

Light Footed
You dislike armor and are significantly more effective without it.
Prerequisites: Hide 1 rank, Move Silently 1 rank, sneak attack +1d6.
Benefit: Whenever you are unarmored and carrying at most 20 pounds of gear in total, you gain an extra +1 die to your Sneak Attack damage (either d6 or d8 as appropriate), a +1 dodge bonus to Dodge Defense and a +1 circumstance bonus to all Hide and Move Silently checks.

Lifting and Carrying Capacity

Light Load: 33 lbs Medium Load: 66 lbs Heavy Load: 100 lbs
Lift over head: 100 lbs Lift off ground: 200 lbs Push or Drag: 500 lbs


Item Weight
Total lbs


The first thing I ever stole was myself.

I cannot fault my parents for selling me into slavery. Merchants, through and through, the price for me was too good.

And in truth, I found the life of a slave not too unpleasant. Yes, I had to do unpleasant things … activities … that most civilized people might gag at, and cause our barbaric friends to reach for their most brutal weapon. But this was in Shadizar the Wicked, and civility does not reach her heart. I learned to tolerate it, hiding my contempt for the fat priests passing through, fulfilling needs that could not be met in their own lands; as they disgusted me the most.

Then one day they spoke of making me a eunuch, to keep me youthful, and pleasing to these priests … and I knew it was time to go.

I had picked up some skill, passing the time, and I slipped my bonds and ran free. And in weaker areas such as Nemedia, I might have been king of thieves from the outset. But this was Shadizar, and while I had stolen my freedom, I did not possess the skill to survive. At that point, I fell in among the true thieves of Shadizar. Amused by my boldness of claiming to be a true thief, with myself to show as a prize; they took me in and trained me, teaching me that thieves can have true honor.

Now I found myself in Nemedia, having joined a Free Company as part of a scheme by someone I trusted. But he has disappeared, with all knowledge of his plan, forcing me to march with the company to honor my contract. I will honor my contract … for now, until I can find out why I was set on such a mad scheme. For I am a thief of Zamora … and whatever prize I set my eyes on shall be mine


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