Female Smuggler (Pirate/Thief)

Race : Zingara Gender : Female Religion : Bel
Class : Smuggler Level : 5 Handed : Ambidex
Age : 18 Height : 60" (5’) Weight : 102 lbs
Eyes : Gray Hair : White (varies) Skin : Light Tan

Basic Stats:

  • STR – 13 +1
  • DEX – 15 +2
  • CON – 11 +0
  • INT – 15 +2
  • WIS – 11 +0
  • CHA – 15 +2
HP – 28 Initiative – 8
Base Defense : 10 Parry Defense : 13 Dodge Defense : 16
Fort Save : 3 Ref Save : 8 Will Save : 4*

Class Abilities:

  • Two Weapon Fighting
  • Escape by skin of teeth
  • Vanish in blink of an eye
  • Seamanship
  • Trap Disarming
  • Pirate Code
  • Cat’s Eyes
  • Sneak Subdual


  • Improved Feint
  • Light Footed
  • Combat Expertise

Special Abilities:

  • Sneak Attack (4d6)(2d8 +2d6 – Arming Sword Style)
  • +1 to hit with Arming Sword for being Zingaran
  • +1 to hit with Arming Sword for Sneak Attack Style
Trained Skills:
Appraise Balance Bluff
Climb Craft : Herbalism Decipher Script
Diplomacy Disable Device Disguise
Escape Artist Forgery Gather Information
Hide Jump Knowledge : Geography
Knowledge : Local Knowledge : Rumors Listen
Move Silently Open Lock Perform : Acting
Profession : Sailor /Fishing Search Sense Motive
Slight of Hand Spot Survival
Swim Tumbling
Aquilonian Brythunian Kothic
Nemedian Ophirean Shemitish
Stygyian Zamorian Zingaran


  • 1x Arming Sword
  • 1x Aktibatian Short Sword
  • 1x Hunting bow w/40 arrows
  • 1x Knife
  • 1x Light Mace

Armor: None


  • Thieves Tools (Masterwork) (braided into hair)
  • Dark Cloak (worn)
  • Dark leather skirt and top

Funds: (pay is 7 silver a week)

  • Gold Coins for spending – 0
  • Silver Coins for spending – 24
  • Silver chopbracelet (20 sp)
  • Gems/Jewelry – One copper locket on a silver chain. (Sentimental value, last gift from father)
  • Funds set aside for Aktibatian arming sword – 7 gold (sewn into hairband)

*add 3 for Code of Honor-Honor Among Thieves.


Adora fight mod

I am Adora, my father was a Smuggler who was murdered by a very evil man.
One day I will have his head on a silver plate and I will feed his liver to the dogs.

Adora father b mod
Adora with her father

I was born with locks as white as snow much as my father had before me.

I am innocent and have never known a man though I do like not flaunt this since it is better that others think me soiled. I have also never been taken, though a few have tried they have forfeit their lives as a result.

My mother died when I was 8 winters, I have since lived with my father on his ship until the day the Count <spit> took his life in betrayal and then sought out my own as well…

As he killed my fathers crew and destroyed his ship, only luck and Bel’s watchful eyes saved me from that fate…

Count de niero sunset mod
The Count

After my escape from the Count, I began to comb darkness into my hair so that I did not stand out, but the darkness fades after only a few days or with any soaking which can be a problem. I have traveled much, spending time in Zamora, Argos and Shem as well as others. I am the seeking knowledge and skill needed for the day I will send the Count to the netherworld to fry forever.

The last gift my father gave me was a cheap necklace with a copper locket, but to me it is my most prized possession and someday it will be drenched in the blood a dead Count.

Adora f mod
Adora slaying a thug who would do her and her compatriots harm…

From the GM:

Quote from the Count De Neiro: “When I killed your father, it was the single most important day in your young life…for me, it was just a Tuesday…”

Oh yes, he is a grade-A S-O-B.


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