“‘Swear not so often by Ymir,’ uneasily muttered a warrior, glancing at the distant mountains. ‘This is his land and the god bides among yonder mountains the legends say.’”
— Robert E. Howard: “The Frost Giant’s Daughter”

Hwc vanaheim

Population: 720,000
Capital: None
Ruler: Various petty kings and chieftains
Major cities: Lireigh (pop. 4,500), Skaun (pop. 8,700)
Resources: Timber, fishing, furs and pelts
Imports: Steel weapons
Enemies: Asgard, Cimmeria, Pictland
Tech level: Dark ages
Religion: Ymir

Westernmost of the nations of the Far North, lying west of Asgard and North of Cimmeria and Pictland.

It is a somber country, mostly a bleak tundra plain that is snow-covered through the long winters. Swampy taiga forests clothe its high southern regions thinly. Glaciers creep down from the Eiglophian Mountains in the south and the Blue Mountains on the frontier with Asgard. Far to the north are more mountains, crowned with a permanent ice cap.

Fierce storms come from the Western Ocean as well as the icy north. The most felicitous part of Vanaheim as far as human needs are concerned lay along the western coast. There are numerous villages there where the people eke out a living by beachcombing, fishing, and hunting marine and land mammals. Children collect seabird eggs from the rugged cliffs of the seacoast. The lands there are less barren of life than those of the interior are since the sea moderates the climate.

The Eiglophian uplands of southern Vanaheim evidently harbor a considerable population, because Cimmerians and Aesir conduct raids there.

Legends say that Ymir, the frost giant, lives in the northern mountains of Vanaheim. He is the popular deity of the nation.


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