Seduction and Sex in the Hyborean Age

Okay, this is a touchy subject, and one that could use a little looking at. Seduction (and sex) are a staple in pretty much all of REHs Conan stories. As such, you can expect to see it in the campaign.

So with that in mind:

  • Sex and Seduction are a fact of life. Get over it.
  • Handle any scene with this as an adult.
  • If you are uncomfortable with it, Tell me.
  • Bluebooking is allowable (and preferable in some instances)

To help with this, I have found an excerpt from the d20 Book of Sex (yes, someone actually wrote an RPG supplement with this in mind). I have read it, and I do not use the vast majority of it (some of it gets way too deep in the weeds for my liking…what kind of game someone else is running that would require that much information is beyond me…Gor maybe???)

There are some slight discrepancies from the full d20 guide, however, as this excerpt has been customized for the Hyborean Age setting.

Seduction: More than Reaction Rolls

This is a simple yet effective way to handle seduction. It is far more fun than making endless reaction checks and it certainly keeps players on their feet.

The following are the steps for seducing (NPCs only):

Note: Willing participants need not make checks to resist a seduction attempt, but simply give in to the characters advances.

  • When the character first comes in contact with someone he/she wants to seduce, a normal reaction roll is made. If the reaction of the NPC is friendly, then a seduction may take place.
  • The preliminary moves are made (i.e. role playing) and attribute checks are made. The seducer makes a check using his Diplomacy skill and the modifiers from Table 2 (depending on the manner he makes his move), or simply his Charisma modifier if he does not have Diplomacy. This becomes the DC for the NPC to resist the seduction. The unwilling NPC then makes an ability check, adding their Intelligence modifier, and any Sense Motive skill bonuses (to see if he or she is dumb enough to fall for it). If the NPC fails to beat the seducer’s DC, the seducer is doing well and may continue. Otherwise, the NPC realizes what’s going on.
  • The GM decides how many more checks should be made with suitable pluses or minuses to the DC (take into account how well the player is role-playing). Usually no more than two or three more successful checks are necessary. If the NPCs roll succeeds, it means that she (or he) realizes what is going on and has lost interest.
  • The seducer can try again, but must subtract 2 from the DC each time the NPC beats his DC (this penalty is cumulative, with a duration of 24 hours).
Table 2: Seduction Modifiers
Moves Made Seducer DC
Drunkenly -2
Sleazy/Raunchy -1
Aggressive +1 or -1
Gentleman/Lady-like +2

The + or – on Aggressive is up to the GM, depending on the NPC.

Table 3: Seducer’s Clothing Modifier (optional) Modifier
Heavily clothes, thick robes -2
Armor, adventuring gear -1
Normal clothing 0
Scantily/Provocatively clad +1
Nude +2

Table 3 should be used loosely. For example, Akivasha’s adventuring gear may be considered sexy enough to not impose the –1 penalty.
Nude is normally not practical and in most cases (at least in the civilized West) may lead to arrest.

The big ‘S’ word (you know…sex)

With PC to NPC interaction, the, uhm, situation will be dealt with low key. I say this because I know some do not like discussing things like this at the gaming table, and I do not want this to detract from everyones enjoyment of the game. For 99% of these types of encounters, I will use fade to black and let your fertile imaginations fill in the blanks (which may be more disturbing to me than the actual description! J/K).

Very occassionally, a scene will involve sex as a major theme. At that point, it will be dealt with as above (the actual act being faded to black or not detailed) with the relevant scene played out. What we do not want is a 20-minute discussion on…uhm…particulars that have no real merit on the scene (or the game in general).

PC to PC interaction

So what does the above tables have to do with (possible) PC to PC interactions?

In short, Very little.

I will not force a character into an uncomfortable situation. Scenes of this nature should be discussed between the players, but I do not feel it is right to force one character to do the will of another in this manner (call me old-fashioned).

  • Is it possible a character can get sold into slavery? Yep (can we say plot device?)
  • Is it possible for the character to be seduced by an NPC? Yep (and that will be dealt with at the level the player is comfortable with).
    *Player to player interaction will be dealt with at a level where both are comfortable with it. Again, we’re adults, lets try to act it, okay kiddies?

Seduction and Sex in the Hyborean Age

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