You’re base reputation is Level + Charisma.

After that you pick one event PER LEVEL as your reputable event and the ID associated with along with the location of where it happened.

This means that for your free three levels, I need an event.

An example from Scott’s campaign:

Koros lvl 1 Shem Killed Blood Golem almost single handedly

So, if Koros heads back to Shem (or the surrounding area) and identifies himself as Koros, he can tap into the bonus for his reputation.

All of your level one to three events are worth +1 each

GMs modification to your reputation

Now, there are great deeds you wish your character to be known for…

…and then there are the more nefarious deeds you would rather forget. Am I right? (You know I am).

The one issue I see from the above system is that you (the players) get to cherry-pick what deeds go into making your reputation. Granted, you are the hero’s (or at least I hope so!), but more goes into your reputation than what you did right.

When you screw up (and let’s face it, all characters make some colosol mistakes), those become part of your reputation as well. With this in mind:

A characters reputation score will be adjusted if the GM deems that an event is worthy enough (good or bad).

A common sense rule I know, but probably one that should be written down. Fortunately (for most characters) the DC for a reputation check is 25…

Oh and yes, your reputation can have an effect on a disguise skill check…


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