Hyborean Age and Conan


Can we meet him? Huh? Huh?

Questions I anticipate:

  • Where are we in the Conan timeline?
  • Is it before Conan is king?
  • During?
  • Past?

The quick, down, and dirty answer is: Conan Who?

WHAAAT you say!!!”

“NO Conan in a Conan game! Heresy!”

…exactly (except for that whole heresy thing…) and here is why.

  • If Conan is present in the game (even as a far off NPC), the spotlight tends to drift in that direction (I mean, come on, its CONAN!)
  • It is possible that someone, sometime down the road will get an idea in their head(s) to ‘take Conan down’. Why? Machismo…pure machismo. ‘My stats are waaay better than his, I(we) can take him and rule!’
  • And the most important point: This is your day! Your Story! Not Conan’s.

So to answer the question where you are in the timeline, BC – Before Conan, CC – Current Conan, or AC – After Conan…

…you are NC – No Conan

There will be other changes to the Hyborean Age to support this.

What about the Picts ending the civilized world, etc.?

Yeah…I read REHs journal on that one too. Your characters have nothing to fear from the Picts (unless you travel to the borderlands or the Pictish Wilderness with a death wish!). That ending is nowhere close to your lifetimes, or the lifetimes of your childrens children. So again, the short answer is: That is a story for another time.

Hyborean Age and Conan

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