Honor Among Thieves

Men, civilized men, say there is no honor among thieves. This is not so. Although they will slit a throat for a copper coin or kidnap a Brythunian noblewoman and turn her into a harem slave, thieves have a set of laws that they live by with a strange, bewildering sense of roguish nobility.

A character with ‘honor among thieves’ will:

  • Respect and honor a better thief.
  • Be bold.
  • Share adventure, and spoils, with a worthy companion.
  • Trust his instincts.
  • Be ever watchful.

A character with ‘honor among thieves’ will not:

  • Steal from companions with whom he has shared adventure.
  • Give aid or information to the city guard or militia about his fellow thieves, even if this costs him his life or freedom.
  • Kill more than is necessary in the course of his thievery.
  • Take employment as an assassin.

Honor Among Thieves

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