Cruenta Framea

Live well today, take what you desire. tomorrow, you spill your blood for silver so a merchant can earn gold.
—Free Companion Saying


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Name: Cruenta Framea
Standard: Gold dragon on a red banner
Commander: Appius Sempronius Varus (Nemedian)

Cruenta Framea (Nemedian for Bloody Spear) is a free company with a distinguished history. The company is small; only about 100 men serve under Appius’ banner at any one time. The men are equipped with Chain hauberks, steel caps, shield, Bills, arming sword, and dagger.

Most of the men are Nemedian and Ophirian, with a smattering of other nationalities.

Lately, Appius has taken to hiring outriders and scouts, looking to expand his company. These men (and women) are given chain hauberks, steel caps, arming swords; but most will provide their own weapons as well. Horses (when Appius can afford it) are also provided.


Cruenta Framea was started by Appius’ father, Tiberius. the company at one time or another has served in all of the Dreaming West. It’s greatest victory is against Cimmerian Raiders in the Border Kingdom. Tiberius met the cimmerian host on the plains of the Cimmerian Heartland and showed the barbarian what a well-led, well-disciplined force could do.

After Tiberius became lord of Isirium (a city in the north of Nemedia near the Border Kingdom), the company was used more for guard duty to supplement his private army. However; Tiberius knew that it was time for the company to venture forth again, so he placed Appius in command and turned them out.

Appius is an able, if somewhat fussy captain. He is often prone to second-guessing his decisions, but has yet to lose a battle.

Free Company’s Code and Compact
  1. Fellow Free Companions, once they surrender or are captured, must not be subject to torture or undue humiliation. Their Captain may ransom their safe return for cost of six months pay per man.
  2. Fellow Free Companions deserve mercy and dignity in death. Eacy dying soldier should die an honourable and quick death; those wounded who can survive should be spared.
  3. When captured by a Free Company, a Free Companion will make no effort to escape. He will co-operate with his captors and stand with them in common defense.

Cruenta Framea

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