Crafting weapons and armor follows the rules found in the Core book. However, some things are not covered very well. The following explanations on how I am seeing the use of this particular skill will help.

Crafting Racial Items not used by your race.

Attempting to craft an item not used by your race increases the difficulty.

For example: Sura (a Bossonian whom you have never met…honestly) finds herself on the steppes without her trusty bossonian bow (should not have used it to club that wolf pup to death…). Since she has seen the Hyrkanian bow (and realizes she does not have access to any materials that would let her make a new bossonian bow), she decides to attempt to craft one. Difficulty is increased (anywhere from +5 and up) to her craft weapon skill.

Why so difficult? The racial modifiers for specific weapons. In the example above, Sura understands the Bossonian bow inside and out…this means that when crafting one, she has a normal difficulty (no pluses. She has been making these to the exlusion of all other types). If she was to attempt to make a normal bow (blasphemous to a bossonian, I KNOW!), a bonus would be added (normal bows are simpler to create). HOWEVER, Her understanding of the hyrkanian bow is rudimentary (Ayep…its a bow alright. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU USE HORNS AND HORSE SINEW!)

Attempting to craft a racial item without the proper materials

You can attempt to craft an item without the proper materials…but again the difficulty is going to increase depending upon how foreign the substituted material is. And realize that at some point, you just cannot craft the item.

For example: Once again we find our favorite Bossonian (whom I swear you have never met) once again bowless (she used it to stop that wicked battleaxe chop to the neck. Bows can be replaced…necks on the other hand….). She is in a wooded area, but does not have the specific wood necessary to craft a true bossonian bow. She can still make the attempt with a +3 modifier to her craft skill. Nobody ever said crafting was easy…

What you cannot do

There are just some items that cannot be crafted out of their area. The best example are Akbitanian steel. The iron is mined from an area in Shem; smelted with specific tools and formulae not found anywhere else. The smiths jealously guard their secrets (as closely as cimmerians guard their secrets of steel). Want to train to make Akbitanian steel? Sure. Plan on staying there the rest of your life (or be forever on the run and looking over your shoulder…Shemite smiths do not take kindly to those who whore out their secrets).


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