Ubanwa the Untamed


Name: Ubanwa the Untamed Race: Ghanata Gender: Female
Class: Nomad Level: 3 Handed: Left
Age: 19 Height: 73" (6’1") Weight: 165 lbs!
Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Dirty Black Skin: Very Dark Tan

Basic Stats:
STR – 15
DEX – 14
CON – 14
INT – 14
WIS – 12
CHA – 10

HP – 31

Base DEF: 10
Parry DEF: 13
Dodge DEF: 14
Fort save : 5
Ref save: 5
Will save: 2

1x Scimatar
3x Ghanata

Large Shield
Mail Hauberk
Steel Cap

Fighting Madness
Combat Expertice

Nomad Abilities:
Born to the Saddle
Favored Terrain +1 Desert
Weapon Focus Scimitar

Climb: 7
Hide: 6
Jump: 7
Knowledge Local: 4
Knowledge Rumors: 4
Listen: 7
Move Silently: 6
Ride: 9
Search: 4
Spot: 7
Survival: 5


Special Items is the Scimitar I used to kill the Nomads as I escaped there camp…I keep it well cared for and the hilt has been fitted for my hand.

First deed:
Escaping and killing many men form the nomads holding and torturing me.

Second deed:
Why traveling with a merchant North across Shem we were attacked by nomads. During the attack I held off many men by my self and then in single combat took down there leader.

Third deed:
While cleaning my self in a river outside a village in Nemedia I heard some kids scream and the growl of some large animal. Grabing my knifes I ran for the kids and found them running from an area shroded in mists. I heard growling and then saw them come charging out of the mists two huge creatures. Fighting them almost cost me my life but I was able toenjure them enough to cause them to retreat…but not with out a huge scar across my back.

The village was grateful and threw a banquet for me which attracted some local minor nobles. When one of the young males put his hand on my ass I ran it threw with my knife so that he might think twice about touching a women like that again. I was able to leave with only a minor beating and a year in prison.


I am Ubanwa the Untamed Nomad, hear this my tale and know what you face.

I was born of a shemite whore besot by a black and paid little for her favors. My mothers name is forgotten as tracks to the desert winds and my father I know no more then the black of his skin. May both rot in whatever infernal place the Merciless One see fit to take them to.

Sold at a young age for scraps of food to a nomad tribe and beaten until I understood there language enough to learn my chores. Little was the time for anything but my chores or starve if they were not done well and beaten if not completed. The slaves in the camp would come and go; sold and traded as the chief of the tribe saw fit. We were nothing to the tribe and could be used anyway they wanted. The Merciless One must have enjoyed the torment of my childhood.

As I grew older I watched the training of the warriors, and would go without sleep some nights to teach myself there skills. When I started my bleeds I planned and escaped the camp; killing a guard and steeling his equipment. I made my way to another nomad tribe and fought for a place. Foolishly I laughed at the Merciless One, thinking I had escaped his view. But he was laughing at me for just as soon as I had earned a full place in the tribe we were attacked by another tribe and nearly wiped out.

I was captured and stripped of my weapons. They tried to break me, laughing and saying I was no warrior, just a whore. Torture of all sorts became my days and the Merciless One showed no pity for my nights. They learned too late not to leave a sword in reach of my hands and after killing several of them, I escaped in to the harsh desert. Traveling in the heat of summer with little supplies should have killed me, but I will not be beaten, I will not give in and finding another tribe that would take me was no easy feat. I have learned not to stay with a tribe long and to sell my sword to those that pay well for it. You will respect my talent or die regretting that you tried to cross me, for I am Ubanwa The Untamed!

Ubanwa the Untamed

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