Contemplative (Soldier/Scholar)


Pteor is the patron god of the Pelishtim; displayed at altars and other such places by obscene idols that reflect the ‘grossness’ of your cult.


From the Shem supplement:

Pteor is a god of fertility (the Pelishtim living in a very fertile region of Shem). Pteor is usually symbolised by a ram or a sheep. A ram’s horn symbolises male power. TH emale goat is often associated with sexual vigour. Pteor is represented as all-wise. The cult of Pteor celebrates sexuality and the phallus; their celebrations and rituals often descend into an orgy. Many of its festivals begin with a public show of nude performers followed by a ritual display of various people engaged in all manner of sex acts, including bestiality (GM NOTE: OK…EWWW…).

Your ‘master’ has instructred you to ‘observe’ the world outside of Shem so that you may truly see why Pteor is ascendant obove all other gods…and what little you have seen proves it!

Why know this? Well, it’s good to know your god.


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