Shattered Swords of Hyboria

Village of the Dead

We rested over night then departed as soon as we received our weapons back from a old man from the east who claims he had done something to them to allow them to kill magical wolves and werewolves. According to the old man we are facing a pack wolves led by a werewolf, while I do not know of such things exist I have learned that there are many things in this world that we cannot explain nor should we even try.

The ride was uneventful during the day as we made haste to the next village where we were told would be a excellent basecamp from which to forage out to find and kill the beasts.

As we arrived it quickly became apparent that something was amiss, the stench of death hung over the landscape nae we set eyes upon the village and once we approached and noticed the destroyed gates, the demolished buildings and the scattered corpses our suspicions were confirmed. Dead as far as the eyes can see; men, women and even children had been torn apart as if by the teeth of a great beast.

We have sought out a defensible place because many of us are feeling that we are no longer the hunters but have entered the realm of the hunted. As I was searching out the debris I heard a faint cry for help and found a man named Bek; he was the lackey of Capt Appius who ran when the beasts attacked the captain and his retinue. It is now that we learn that of the 30 men that he led, only 5 and himself were acquainted with the ways of the blade. The rest were laborers for digging and such; what are many times called fodder when in battle. I suspect their fates are sealed and I only pray that they died quickly and will not rise to face us.

Now we are preparing to face the coming onslaught, surrounded by the bodies of those who failed before us, we ready our defense for the night is nigh upon us. Even now we can hear the yips and howls of the wolves just beyond the treeline. But is there something else there that we have not yet perceived? Only time will tell. I close this Journal entry with these words; if this Journal is found please return it to Lord Tiberius Sempronius Varus in Nemedia, the fate of his son is not known to us at this time. ((I only write this in the remote possibility that I may not escape, I for one do not plan on dying among the corpses of the dead village.))


Thomssen djwilson2

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