Shattered Swords of Hyboria

Shadow of Death

Ouch! I awake certain I am dead except for one nagging fact… I am in great pain!
Okay, the I guess at least I am alive… barely.
The last few days are clouded in the mist of pain and shock, almost like I was drunk with something that I could not overcome.
I remember Ubanwa laying out stakes and the wolves and what Malakho described as a werewolf, he demanded Appius’s lackey which Ubanwa was more than pleased to provide, but Malakho denied him and then I remember the wolves attacking. In fact the last thing I remember before I woke up in pain was the wolves fangs tearing my flesh.
I have been living in a haze, between the pain and shock, my body has been very weary and my mind has not totally been aware of what is going on.
I know that sometime while I was incapacitated Appius returned, to my knowledge nothing else important happened. I guess since he found us we can return to Nemedia.


Thomssen djwilson2

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