Shattered Swords of Hyboria

Out of Nemedia

We rode till the border where the road forks north to Cimmeria, as we reached the fork there was a man standing in the middle of the road. When we approached us, he called for us to pay the toll which he told us was 10 silver per person, Ubanwa our quick tongued nomad tried to barter him down; which resulted in the lone man calling forth his master. He was man dressed in finery who was riding on a horse. As this man rode up to us, it became very clear that there was at least 10 men with blades and bows all around us; the master indicated to Ubanwa that there would be no negotiation and that the toll fee remained at 10 silver per person. After talking to the master and getting details of what protection he was offering for the 10 silver, she paid him 40 silver, enough to cover all of us.

We rode past them and in to the countryside of the borderlands to the north of Nemedia. After enter Nemedia for a couple of miles, we stopped; hid our horses and made our way back into Nemedia seeking the camp of the robbers. We easily found it not far off of the road, upon approaching it we saw few guards the master and his lackey were discussing something across from the camp; as Bel would bless us; the masters tent faced away from us and the back was both exposed and unguarded. Ruslan and I snuck up to the back of the tent, he cut a hole it the back and we looked in; we saw nobody so he enlarged the hole big enough for him to enter. He entered while I remained in the shadows outside covering for him; while in there he found a slave girl; a bag of 50 gold coins, some silver coins, an Akbitanan shortsword and some scroll tubes. We escaped and without any issues and after we were a distance away we heard the primal scream of anger and despair as the master discovered our deeds. All in all it was a good night; we each received 10 gold, Ubanwa received her 40 silver back and there was some silver left over as well. I received the shortsword since I am the only one in our group that uses one. We will ride a little further tonight then we will rest until daybreak.


Thomssen Mach5RR

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