Shattered Swords of Hyboria

Dagoth Hill

I appear before her, she glances at me with mock surprise… “You again?”
I glare at her and she chuckles, saying “fear not, you time is not yet nigh, though I do have to wonder why you choose to spend so much time with me?”
I have seen her far to often in these times, her name is death.
I sit and wait and contemplate my future and I know that one day I will arrive here and she will gather me under her wings and spirit me off to the bosom of Bel; until then I can only sit, wait and watch as she gathers others unto herself.

My thought return to how I came to be in the ladies presence once more…

Our company of four joined to the caravan heading east toward the city of the Count, a place where there is a bounty upon our heads. We rode in pursuit of Malakho; out traitorous sorcerer who has taken the maiden that we promised safe passage to. I also feel that he bids her harm and that our time is short.

After the third day it came to our attention that the caravan master would enter a certain wagon just after the

To be continued…


Thomssen djwilson2

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