Shattered Swords of Hyboria


We rode south following the road our Captain Appius and his presumed captors had trod, eventually we joined with a caravan that was traveling south until we found a small city where upon scouting we discovered Appius and his captors were holding up.
In short order we found where they were staying and shortly after we started to observe the place, one of the captors; a former Lieutenant in the service of Appius left headed into a more prestigious part of town. We followed him where he entered a rich house and then left after a short time. We ambushed him and discovered that our presuppositions were false, Appius was not a captive but those holding him were protecting him. We also discovered that the Count (Appius’s father) had orchestrated the whole coup so he could clean house.
We encountered a barbarian from the north named (insert name here) who joined our group and pledged his sword to our cause and companionship.
We left Appius and headed south away from his father who was still seeking our heads. Shortly after we departed our ears were met with the cry a woman over yonder hill; we charged forth and discovered a naked maiden beset by 5 ruffians. To say that this was a battle would be to exaggerate; although the men appeared to have training in warfare; we slayed the thugs in short order leaving two alive; the leader ran and one of the others surrendered when commanded by the barbarian. Again Malakho did nothing…
We found that the woman was of brythonian decent and that she was being taken to a scoundrel named Miraslave. The mere mention of Miraslav caused our barbarian friend to almost enter a seething rage, he has a scar that runs up his face and he claims that Miraslav was the cause that he will be paid back in kind. We decided to return her to her father’s home where his coin purse and armory would be open to us, at least a sum of 500 silver was offered.
We brought the woman into town and I bought her some clothes then we investigated why she was so precious and we found out from Malakho that she is what is referred to as “the perfect sacrifice” and although he mentioned some of the qualities that made her such I cannot recall them except that she is a virgin and pure.
We rented a room at the local Inn and the woman and I slept there, she on the bed and me on the floor.
Alas, we are betrayed; I awoke with a painful head even though I did not partake in excessive drinking and I discovered that the woman was gone… as was Malakho.
Malakho had mentioned a ceremony that could be conducted in 3 weeks that required a “perfect sacrifice” at a place called Dagoth Hill (or something like that); so we suspect he is taking her there to become powerful. I knew I should never have trusted him.
In the morning we mounted up and discovered that Ubanwa’s horse was taken as well as Malako’s; we set off in pursuit; got lost then found a caravan who had seen her and pointed the way he went… back to the Count Tiberius…. figures…
The caravan guard leader ask us to join him, he indicated he did not trust the caravan leader nor the men under his charge. We agreed.
Tonight we rest uneasily as those who ride with us may not have our best interests at heart.


Thomssen djwilson2

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