Shattered Swords of Hyboria

A plea for help

We rode on deeper into the Borderlands and toward evening we found ourselves approaching a walled village. As we approached we noticed that many of the villagers were outside the gates and they were burning bodies in a great pyre. At first our arrival was met with suspicion and fear, we were told to move on; Ubanwa our token mouth was able to persuade the leader to talk to us, he invited us in to his home; fed us a good meal, good drink and then asked for our assistance.

Seems the local area has been plagued by some very cunning and fearless wolves; wolves who would attack a armed man in broad daylight. The leader asked us to find the wolves and kill them; thereby saving the village; he was willing to pay us 100 silver each if we could remove this curse from them. After much discussion it was decided that we would help them. The leader also provided free room and board; I was boarded with Ubanwa, Ruslan slept with his new mistress and Malakho slept alone. Sadly I am not getting much sleep as Ubanwa snores like a Argossean sailor!


Thomssen djwilson2

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